FLASHBACK FRIDAY: MY favorite 2010 messages FROM WHITNEY

here are a few bunch of my favorite things that Whitney wrote this past year.

Brace yourself. The Zero to ten Scale. in some cases I really need to read that a baby has to cry and a toddler has to scream. Every. Single. Day. This post is an outstanding stupendous pointer that I’m not doing anything wrong if my children have to get their ya-yas out. Still. [Related: write down your best guidance before you forget it. email it to yourself.]

5 Mantras for surviving grandparent visits. This hecka helpful post went on the evenflo blog. I actively referred to this list of suggestions while in the midst of challenging grandparent visits. Yes, I have trouble letting go and encouraging inter-generational bonding. So, sue me. OM.

Activity # 277 join a museum with a friend. I love this parent hack for stay-at-home-parents and their friends to save money and have much more fun. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Brilliant.

Two love-notes to me. I’ll be theeere for you (the one where she broke her foot and I was a piggybacking hero) and 6 things I learned from Heather (the one where I know some obscure stuff that passes for life lessons).

Talking about being a WAHM. An interview with Kristen Chase about maintaining boundaries in a boundary-less-24/7 world among other hot topics like having her cake and eating it too.

Graduating our rookies? To be or not to be? Whitney explores the unanswerable question of how and if to kick our big young boys off this site. The comments are decidedly mixed.

Honorable mention goes to crafty cleverness: souvenir t-shirt for 6 Flags and a great review: leggings that post-partum women will want to make out with.

Thanks for having babies around the same time as me and being an awesome writing partner! What an unexpected adventure.

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