The other day I took the savvy source preschool quiz and came away with some terrific tips. I haven’t even navigated my way to the end where I get all the recommendations of activities to try with my kid. simply answering the questions showed me how lots of skills my preschooler is developing and how lots of I don’t even recognize as skills.

My child supplies practical answers to “What would happen if”¦” questions.

I had to confess that I didn’t know the answer to this question, so I put it to the test, and now it’s one of my favorite activities to make with him.

“Julian, what would happen if our automobile got a flat tire?”
“We have to take it to the mechanic and he would fix it and then we will go back on the fweeway!”

“Julian, what if we run out of milk?”
“Then you will go to the store and get some a lot more and I will eat Life cereal.”

“Julian, what will happen if we get to school and there are no teachers there?”
“Then you will read me some books, and then we will hear voices, and it will be a teacher!”

It has been fun to hear what he comes up with to these open ended questions, and we’ve turned it into a game we can do in the automobile or at dinner.

“Julian, what if we go to the zoo and a zebra gets in our car?”
“What if grandma Jackie makes pumpkin pie and puts in on her head?”

Next, item inspired by the savvy Quiz was this one:

My child can tell in his/her own words what happened in stories or parts of stories and can predict what will happen next in stories.

Here, I’ve figured out that Julian does not have this skill. I asked him what happens in some of his favorite books and he says “I don’t know” even though he has the whole book memorized and can answer comprehension questions during the book. “So one day, officer Buckle gets a police dog. What happens next?” “I don’t know.” Ok, something to work on.

Take the savvy source quiz and see what you think. Warning, the quiz is very long. You’ll need about 10 minutes.
I did this quiz because the parent bloggers Network asked me to. See what other parent bloggers thought.

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