I never really cared much for beer (which doesn’t mean I haven’t consumed my fair share of it). I kept trying, though, because a lot of women who I think are amazing have a taste for beer. then something weird happened: I grew a baby inside me, birthed him and began to breastfeed. next thing I know, I want me some beer. pretty much every night. even stranger, more than a year later, I finish up my job as a milk-maker, and once again, no taste for beer. I’ve heard similar stories from other people.

Well, we already told you to drink beer once, back when you were crying more. but now, maybe do it for fun.

My recommendations in the east Bay:

Kensington Circus Pub – mediocre food, but very kid friendly. eat early, drink early, go to bed early.

Parkway movie Theatre – pizza, movie, beer — hurry, you’re about to graduate! No babies past 12 months old allowed.

Albatross on San Pablo – better when the kid’s not there I think, because you can play board games without worrying about choking hazards.

Your neighbor’s house – make pals with someone who lives within walking distance and bring a six-pack in your stroller’s under-carriage when you go for a visit. place baby next to toys and enjoy.

Jupiter – lovely outdoor space on Shattuck.

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