How to Wear boyfriend Jeans (4 Dos as well as 3 Don’ts)






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Boyfriend jeans are a preferred pick for off-duty models as well as celebrities. get the look right as well as you have an ensemble that’s carefree, casual as well as chic all rolled into one. get it wrong as well as — well, it’s not the end of the world to have a poor outfit day, however we’re just not gonna let that happen. checked out on for our dos as well as don’ts on exactly how to wear boyfriend jeans.

And at the end, we have five boyfriend jean outfit formulas for you to copy!

Dos as well as Don’ts of Wearing boyfriend Jeans

Do roll them up.

Boyfriend jeans have a loose fit, which can quickly morph into sloppy. keep the look tidy by rolling them up loosely to a crop length. They should sit a few inches above your ankle, however this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Go with the length that feels right, based on your height as well as the option of shoes. much better yet, ask a buddy for a second opinion.

Do demand a tapered leg.

Pay interest to exactly how the entire jean hangs on your leg after you roll them. You should see an even taper with a somewhat tighter ankle. If the jeans hang straight down or even get wider towards the ankle, that’s generally going to produce an unflattering, blocky look. Blame this on the jeans as well as try a different pair.

Do experiment with washes.

Models as well as celebrities favor the ultra light laundry boyfriend jeans that have some level of distress to them. In your own wardrobe, mix it up with dark- or medium-wash jeans. even a colored or white jean (yes, even in winter!) might work well. As for the rips as well as tears that celebs seem to love so much, go simple on them. Excessively torn-up jeans aren’t practical as well as they seldom look fantastic on anyone.

Hatty High Waisted Black boyfriend Jeans, $31, Boohoo

Do wear a belt as well as tuck in your top.

Boyfriend jeans fit loose as well as straight, like joggers. A belt as well as tucked-in top ensures you have a waist, as well as likewise gives your outfit an intentional quality. let the world understand you put this outfit together (and you did not just grab stuff from the closet in the dark).

Do have fun with your option of shoes.

From left to right: (1) Catherine Slim boyfriend Jeans, $53.70, Nordstrom (2) boyfriend Mid-Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans, $28, OldNavy (3) ASOS KIMMI Shrunken boyfriend Jeans In Clover Mid Stonewash with Raw Hem Turn-up, $49, ASOS

It’s difficult to pick the wrong shoe for the boyfriend jean. UGGs as well as tall boots wouldn’t work so well, but pumps, sandals, ankle boots, flats as well as sneakers are all great choices. You might even pair ankle socks with heels for a cute retro look. Have fun with it!

Don’t show as well much skin.

The two main ways we see boyfriend jeans gone wrong are:

The jeans are so ripped up that it’s not clear exactly how they’re staying together.
The jeans are paired with a extremely tight, extremely small top.

Moral of the story: err on the conventional side here. If you want to show off your legs, wear a short skirt instead. If you want to show off your abs, put on that bikini as well as head to the beach.

Don’t pair boyfriend jeans with flannel.

If you’re older than 13, the flannel-top-and-boyfriend-jean combo usually looks a little silly. We’re not saying you couldn’t pull it off, however it’s a challenging look for an adult.

Don’t really wear your boyfriend’s jeans.

When I was in high institution (in the ’80s mind you), jeans were quite much all tight as well as high-waisted. I wanted a different look, so I bought a pair of white Levis in the exact same size my dad wore. I tried to cinch them up with a belt, roll them up at the ankle as well as wear them with Vans. now I believed this was a awesome look at the time, however a photo from those days proves otherwise. (An early budget plan fashionista fail!)

It’s not likely that your SO (or your dad) will be the right size for you. Plus, there are so many affordable options made for women that you don’t requirement to force it.

How to Wear boyfriend Jeans — 5 fun Outfit Ideas

Now that you understand the rules, right here are five outfit ideas to influence you!

The Professional: Dark-wash boyfriend jeans + crisp white top + belt+ long blazer + pumps
All Smiles as well as Sunshine: boyfriend jeans + floral blouse, tucked in + block heels + big, bright purse
Off-Duty Model: boyfriend jeans + t-shirt with a fun saying on it + ankle boots + scarf + satchel (bonus points if you can bring a little dog around in that satchel…just kidding!)
This Old Thing?: boyfriend jeans + solid-colored t-shirt + thick belt + beanie + pumps
Denim x 2: boyfriend jeans + canvas sneakers + denim button-down top + belt

How do you wear boyfriend jeans? let us understand in the comments!

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