HIGH five TO KB’S YEAR OF {ROOKIE MOMS} difficulties

The newish mama known as KB decided to deal with our rookie moms difficulties with her second baby, Peanut, as well as we’re super excited to share her stories with you. Anytime we see you guys toting your infant along somewhere you may not have gone, we are so happy.

Here are a few highlights from their adventures:

KB as well as peanut sees the very first coffee shop with together (last May, awww).

Summertime as well as the pure joy of taking a water infant in the swimming pool.

The cutie patootie pumpkin patch pictures.

And, just like that, he’s prepared for his very first birthday party. Sniff. We hope it was everything she wanted, smash cake as well as all.

As I understand much better than anyone, trying to make special Mommy-baby bonding time can be trickier the second time around. exactly how many memories do I have of wearing/nursing one infant while chasing/wrestling the older child? exactly how well did I really comply with with on my excellent concepts even though blogging it is my JOB? Respectively, more as well as less than I care to count…

We want to provide you the greatest of fives, KB! We’re proud of you.

See more from KB has since eliminated her mom blog, so all we have left of her rookie moms difficulties is right over here! Please share your own baby-in-tow adventures with us too, we’re always happy to share the love. just tweet, instagram, or facebook at us so we can discover you.

[All pictures by JustKayBee.com; all rights reserved]

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