My ten-year old and I just enjoyed E.T. for the first time together. He was the best age for it. We both cried, though not as hard as I remember sobbing at the end of the film when I saw it in the theater as a child. I loved this motion picture and loved enjoying it with my son.

If you don’t remember this famous scene, take thirty seconds to enjoy it. Elliot’s mommy hears noise coming from his bedroom. When she goes to survey the scene, she even opens the closet door. E.T. is hidden among so lots of stuffed animals, her eyes pass ideal over him.

My college partner J.J. Carroll is a rookie dad, artist, and toy enthusiast in Omaha, Nebraska. Sure, I’ll never see him again, but Facebook keeps me informed.

When he put out a call for stuffed animals for a photoshoot, I was amused; my house probably consists of this quantity of stuffed animals, without contributions from other families, but of course in our first year of parenthood, we were not yet hoarders.

These photos of J.J.’s baby Maxwell, taken by Omaha photographer Dana Damewood, are a tribute to the E.T. closet scene, and in my mind, the best holiday card photo for Maxwell’s first Christmas.

Wait! I spy Daddy’s head in there! Hey, JJ!

Thanks for sharing your project, old friend. Congrats on your cutie!

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