exactly how to wear the trench coat?

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Back from my summertime escapes, I was prepared to roam the Parisian streets with my trench coat as well as umbrella!

Alas! it’s 33 degrees outside. Damn worldwide warming, when are we meant to be stylish now (that as well as I work much better when there’s a chilly breeze outside).

The hell with the lack of rain, I am going to publish my post about trench-coats nonetheless.

I love the effortless chic mindset they promptly convey to an outfit.

I/ select your trench

Originally, the trench-coat, as its name implies, was designed to secure the soldiers from the humidity of the trenches whilst camouflaging with the ground. Its certain features each had a purpose. The double variety of buttons, the belt, the wrist tightening straps, the carry straps. Nowadays, as they lost their preliminary purpose, they do not have to all be there on each trench-coat. The word has evolved to indicate “trench-coat style”.

A/ Shape

The present pattern is to wear it the ancient way. rather big as well as long.

Lucky you, there are some high quality ones waiting for you in the thrift shop.

Rouge profond

But if you are not feeling the oversize look or feel you are as well petite for it, like a a lot more cinched/ shorter option.

Like so

B/ Color

I am extremely much advocating for the beige which brings the trench-coat to its full prospective of casual chicness.

There is always a shade of beige (more or less yellowy) for you.

And if you feel it’s washing you out, the cure is lipstick.

In situation you are not into beige, some “military compatible” options are kakhi or rust.

In my opinion, black as well as other dark colors are not truly suited for trench coats as they make the normal trench coat features non visible (starting with the buttons).

Last, if you already own a fundamental trench coat, you might treat yourself with a colored, printed or textured one.

Jeanne Damas

II/ exactly how to wear the trench-coat

A/ exactly how to style the trench-coat


What’s a lot more stylish than an open trench-coat as a layer to your outfit?

Either you withdraw the belt or you belt it loosely in the back (the “loosely” is important, it shall not look constricted).

That’s the best option if you do not want to highlight a waist that’s as well thick to your likings.


Use the actual belt loop of the trench-coat if it is high quality looking.

Then proceed to knot it in order to let the hem hang vertically (see below as well as above on woman with denim trench-coat).


If the hoop looks cheap, if there isn’t any type of or just if you like a a lot more relaxed style.

Like on this Céline trench

Opened collar

When I set up a belted trench coat on my clients I always take care of opening the collar as well as laying it flat as much as possible to expose what’s underneath.

Like so

And if it’s cold? Well wear some warmer coat, or add a turtleneck or a scarf on top.

Stiff collar

A style that is lesser seen, as well as let’s be honest, doesn’t last long, however I like the remarkable effect.

B/ What to style the trench-coat with? 

Anything really!

A well chosen trench-coat will elevate the most fundamental outfit.

Jeans for instance.

Here the innovative accessories improve the look.

With androgynous style.

Like Lauren Hutton wearing a loose trench-coat over her relaxed tuxedo

With red lips

Always a need to like on Charlotte Rampling

On precious dresses as well as heels

Casual refinement at its best

With nothing underneath.

Like Jane!

And you? Do you own a trench coat? 

How do you wear it? 

Bises de Paris


For further recommendations on exactly how to wear the basics, I suggest my very first book “Dress like a Parisian“. as well as for tips on exactly how to have a stylish sustainable wardrobe, my second blood “Why french women wear vintage“.

The above link are to the dedicated copies, you can likewise discover routine ones in your regional bookstore! just ask!

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