Kate in DVF and Diamonds at Freud Centre Gala

Kate brought back a Diane von Furstenberg gown at tonight’s Anna Freud national Centre for Children and Families gala.

The Centre is one of 8 primary partners with the Heads together charity Kate, William and Harry created.

The Centre describes itself as “a children’s mental health charity developing and delivering pioneering care.”

Kate met with families who have benefitted from the Centre’s services.

More from The Belfast Telegraph:

Terell Llewellyn, from west London, was among those who spoke with the Duchess.

The 11-year-old, who is back in mainstream school after receiving support from the charity, said Kate told him “well done”, having previously met him a few years ago.

His father, Wayne Llewellyn, said: “It makes a difference that the Duchess of Cambridge has taken an interest in this. It’s brilliant.”

Victoria Murphy of The daily Mirror shared this video as Kate arrived and spoke with guests.

In this photograph, I believe Kate is talking with Peter Fonagy, the Freud Centre’s CEO.

Richard Palmer’s express story covers Kate’s interest in maternal mental health:

Chief executive of the charity, Peter Fonagy, said: “She’s very interested in maternal mental health.

“One of the things that we are interested in is intervening as early as possible in children’s lives to improve their chances of good mental health throughout life.

“And she’s particularly concerned that mothers’ mental health plays a major role in this and that we are able to support mothers to support their children.”

A model was on display showing the charity’s Centre for Excellence, currently under construction.

More from the Freud Centre:

The Centre of Excellence will, for the first time, bring under one roofing system the very best science, education and mental health support for these families. At the heart of the campus is a school for 48 susceptible children who have been excluded from mainstream education and face a bleak future without the dedicated support the new Centre will provide.

Kate is the Centre’s patron, taking on that role in early 2016. here you see her at the Centre’s Christmas party in 2015.

The Centre just launched an Instagram account, where they posted images from tonight’s gala.

Tonight’s gala was at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens. The name harkens back to an era when prosperous homes had a room dedicated to housing fragile plants during the winter, keeping things like orange and other fruit trees safe from the harsh elements.

Now to what Kate wore, the ‘Zarita’ dress by Diane von Furstenberg. Kate first wore the gown in November 2014 for the Royal variety Performance.

The frock features a fitted bodice and waist that then broadens into a sweeping, fluted hem. 

Another look at the dress in 2014 and again today.

The Duchess had on a bracelet we’ve not seen previously.

BRACELET UPDATE: The folks at From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault offer this insight:

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted what appears to be another piece from The Queen’s jewel collection at the Anna Freud Centre Gala dinner this evening, the Diamond Quatrefoil Bracelet. The broad diamond bracelet features multiple diamond quatrefoil motifs, the four-lobed design popular in architecture, art, heraldry, and elsewhere. Each quatrefoil outline is filled with five individual diamonds.  

Many thanks to Barbara and Susan for their comments alerting me to the HMJV post and a comment by Franck on the Royal Jewels of the world Message Board noting that HM wore the bracelet to the State Opening of Parliament in 2010.

And some comparison photos.

Kate carried her Prada clutch.

I think the poppy brooch worn tonight was first seen at an April 2012 engagement.

It is the Buckley Crystal Poppy Brooch, available at one time through the Royal British Legion.

Unfortunately, that specific style appears to be sold out. There is a similar style available that is £19.99 (about $26.)

Kate wore a familiar pair of the Queen’s earrings.

Kate wearing the earrings this evening, at Trooping the Colour in June, last December’s diplomatic reception and the Place2Be awards in November 2016.

We have a few quick ideas on the RepliKate Dresses page for anybody interested in creating their own version of the look.

NOTE: The post was updated at 8:45 pm with new info on the bracelet; this included deletion of earlier information about the piece.


Visit the Anna Freud Centre website here, view its Facebook page here, the Instagram feed here, or follow the group on Twitter here

The dailyMail‘s story is here; The daily Mirror’s story is here; The express story is here

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