Kate in New-But-Familiar Emilia Wickstead for Emergencies depend on Launch

The Duchess wore Emilia Wickstead for today’s launch of the national Emergencies Trust.

The event was at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square. 

From The Telegraph’s coverage:

Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the launch of the national Emergencies depend on (NET), a disaster relief charity that will offer the public a single, trustworthy donation point.

Prince William has spoken about the challenges in successfully channeling public donations to disaster victims in the immediate aftermath of UK tragedies.

I believe that is Lord Richard Dannatt welcoming Kate; he is chairing the trust. 

The Duchess greeting guests and net personnel. 

More about the organization from its website:

The intensity of emergencies in 2017 – from the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London to Grenfell – led the Charity commission to convene a number of people in the charitable market to see if there was a better way of responding to national emergencies. This has led to the creation of the national Emergencies Trust, which will collaborate with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a domestic disaster.

Below, a prayer vigil in Manchester following the deadly suicide bombing in may 2017. 

The June 2017 Grenfell Tower fire killed 72 people and injured scores of others.  

Today Kate and William spoke with survivors of that horrific fire. 

While meeting with victims today, the Duke said that the donations and support after the fire didn’t seem “well-targeted.” From an ITV story:

Natasha Elcock, chairwoman of Grenfell United, was one of the last people rescued alive from the fire, and she told William and Kate: “So lots of people sent clothes and food, but at the time we had absolutely no place to put them.

“No home, no cupboard, and no fridge.”

CTV news reports the Duke and Duchess “also met with survivors of the Westminster Bridge attack, in which four people were killed and about 50 injured when a man intentionally mowed them down, along with a series of other natural and manmade disasters.”

People’s story notes the depend on “…follows the concept of the Disasters emergency Committee, which has been the U.K. action to lots of overseas disasters for a lot more than 50 years.” William delivered brief remarks at today’s event.

More by means of town & Country:

“Whenever and wherever disaster strikes here in the UK, this country has a special way of pulling together,” William said in a speech this morning.

“Many thanks to the whole team behind the depend on for all their hard work ahead of the launch. We all dread the day when you are needed. but I know that, like everyone here, I am thankful that you now exist.

A children’s choir also performed at the function. 

The Duchess speaking with some of the choir members. 

As ever, Kate made new friends. 

The daily Mail reports the “organization will launch national appeals on TV and social media in the event of crises, and then allocate and distribute money to those affected.”

The couple as they left today’s function. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore for today’s engagement. 

The dress looks like the Emilia Wickstead ‘Kate’ design. It’s probably constructed of the same wool crepe fabric used in lots of Wickstead pieces Kate has worn. It has “a slim-fitting bodice, enhanced with contouring darts above and below the waistband, and falls to a fully lined midi-length A-line skirt.” (Although it is a lot more of a knee-length hemline.)

If the style looks familiar, that is because it is very much like two other Emilia Wickstead designs we have seen the Duchess wear. below you see the lavender design first worn in Germany in July 2017, as well as the green version worn in may of this year. The biggest distinction among the designs is the squared neckline on the green dress and the addition of a belt today. 

Last fall, the “Kate” dress was available at Matches Fashion in red, blue, and baby soft pink. (Unfortunately, the dress is now sold out in all colors.)

Today Kate accessorized with a belt that is very similar, if not identical, to an Emilia Wickstead belt that is sold with the ‘Danni’ dress.

UPDATE: initially I reported Kate’s belt was also like a version that came as a standalone item. With thanks to Michelle of Perth’s Fashion, that isn’t the case. The belt Kate wore today (shown in the top photo) has a pointed end, like the belt that goes with the Danni dress and the Jana Trousers. The ‘standalone belt’ sold individually has a rounded edge, so they are not identical as initially thought.

Kate carried her black clutch from the Aspinal/Beulah London collaboration.  

The brands teamed up in 2015 to create two clutches. 25% of the profits from each handbag sale were donated to the UN’s Blue Heart campaign against Human Trafficking. (The designs are long considering that sold out.)

Kate appeared to be in a new pair of pumps by Jimmy Choo; they look like the Romy 85 Pointy Toe style ($595.)

This is a classic Choo design with a 3.3″ heel. Our thanks to Emma, as well as Gabi and Heaven, for their work on today’s shoe ID.

The Duchess wore her Women of the first world war Brooch (£29.99, roughly $38 at today’s exchange rates).

More about the brooch from the Royal British Legion Poppy shop product page:

Women played a huge role in the first world War. They served as nurses in the field hospitals, and here at home. They worked in factories, making munitions. They worked on the land. and they were recognised afterwards with the ideal to vote.

Each brooch comes in a display box and is accompanied by a certificate commemorating the life of a woman who lost her life as a direct result of the first world War.

Kate also wore her sapphire and diamond earrings.

It turns out Kate had another engagement today; a lot more by means of a tweet by Russell Myers, the daily Mirror’s royal editor. 

When asked for a lot more detail, Russell responded this way: “All I can say at this stage is that it a really interesting project and next year will be a big year for her with this line of work!”

We will see you on Saturday for the annual Festival of Remembrance. here is one a lot more photo from today’s engagement. 

The national emergency depend on has a 3-minute piece.

The Royal family channel offers a lot more than 4-1/2 minutes of video from today’s event.


The national Emergencies depend on website is here; the organization’s Facebook page is here; its Twitter feed is here and Instagram page here

a daily Mail story is here; The Telegraph’s piece on today’s launch is here; a Telegraph background story about the trust is here; The Mirror’s coverage is here; the CTV news article is here; The Standard’s story is here

a hey there piece is here; town and Country’s post is here; the people story is here; the Fug Girls post is here


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