Smash, accident as well as discover with the youngsters fun channel

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My three boys like their toy vehicles as well as trucks. They have a collection of over 100 as well as play with every single one of them.  Most parents of little boys grumble about stepping on a Lego block, while in my house it is more common to step on a hot Wheels car.

Playing with toy vehicles encourages the imaginations of little boys.  They can pretend they are race vehicle drivers, or picture going on a cross-country road trip in a brand new sports car.  Most bit boys like vehicles as well as trucks. videos featuring vehicles as well as trucks are ending up being prominent on YouTube among young boys.  A boy named Jack, liked monster trucks as well as watching them on YouTube so much that his father decided to discover exactly how to animate as well as produce academic videos featuring animated vehicles as well as trucks.  The result was the youngsters fun Channel.

My kids likewise like to watch YouTube. however I make sure I screen the material before they can watch it. I like the youngsters fun channel as well as it is beautifully designed particularly for young audiences.

Started in December, 2014, today the youngsters fun channel has over 100 academic videos for young children as well as pre-schoolers as well as almost 4,500 subscribers.  My six-year-old likes watching the animated trucks. Every video features vibrant animation together with an academic lesson.



The youngsters fun channel teaches young children:

The Alphabet

English as a second Language

Fruits as well as Vegetables


Nursery Rhymes

and Much, much More

For more info please visit, like them on Facebook at, comply with them on twitter at as well as sign up for their YouTube channel at

“Kids fun channel as well as the youngsters fun entertainment group will develop fun material with a true academic value for babies, toddlers, as well as preschoolers. We will ensure our material has a high academic score with educators while making sure that our kids enjoy learning, setting them up for a life of constant education.”

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