FIND the best double jogging STROLLER- recommendations and ideas

here you are trying to find the best double jogging stroller. we all think the big changes come with having the first kid, and yeah sure that first one does change a lot of things but man oh man they don’t even come close to throwing you for the same loop that second baby does.

All of the sudden you seem to not have enough hands or attention and occasionally not enough sanity. then you experience that one quick minute of sibling bonding like a little kiss from #1 to the newest addition and tears well up in your eyes making it all worth it. but hey, despite all the charming insanity you still need to get your exercise in or at least buckle both kids up and send them off to Dad, so you can get some peace and quiet.

It’s part of staying healthy and keeping your mama vibes positive. This indicates you are going to need a double jogging stroller, and the task of narrowing the best one down can feel a little bit daunting. Honestly, it can feel like car shopping with even a lot more pressure”¦ like yes apparently traction and suspension do matter a whole lot.

After having lots of double jogging strollers, (one was so bad we threw in the trash while at Disney World), we have broken down the best double joggers, so you don’t have to end up throwing a $200 stroller away at the happiest place on earth!

We’re here to give you a life-saving list of double jogger strollers because let’s face it, you don’t have time to be walking through get Buy baby trying out every single one of them. These are the strollers we voted to be the very best for a whole lot of reasons or maybe just because it’s what Kim Kardashian picked out for her newest bundle of happiness (don’t worry absolutely kidding). here it goes!

Find the best double jogging Stroller- recommendations and Tips

Do you have a type?

The very first decision in finding the best double jogging stroller is you need to make is what type of double stroller fits your family the best. remember this post is about finding the ideal double jogging stroller, so you’re a lot of common options are going to be these first 3 listed. You might want to look into an umbrella or a sit and stand though if you want something a little a lot more relaxed.

Twin side by side double jogging Stroller- the most common double jogging stroller there is.

All terrain double jogging Stroller- keep a lookout for these bad kids if you love hiking.

Tandem double baby Stroller- a rare find as a jogger, but they do exist and are great for spaced out kiddos.

Double Umbrella Stroller- for the walking mamas.

Sit and Stand Double- for the walking mamas with an active kiddo who does better standing.

photo: featuring City tiny GT double by baby Jogger
The Essentials

Here’s some need to know facts to keep in mind while searching for the one.

Fixed Wheel-
If you’re an avid runner (or planning on becoming one yay!) you’re going to want a fixed front wheel to help you stay on course. For the rest of us, there’s plenty of options for a crossover front wheel, which will be able to swivel making it way much easier to maneuver when you aren’t running.

Buy Used/Buy with the Intent to Sell-
Let’s just face it, good double jogging strollers tend to be pricey. We’re not saying you have to spend $800, but often it’s worth the investment to spend between $200-$500. getting a used stroller can absolutely cut your costs down and with little hacks like wheel replacements and removing the seats to be washed it’ll be pretty much as good as new. If you’re just dying for a shiny new double jogging stroller choose it, and keep in mind you can resell when your kiddos outgrow it.

Size Matters-
Be sure to pay attention to the weight and the width of the strollers when purchasing because they’re going to affect you big time when pushing.

Packing it Up-
Where is the double jogging stroller going to be stored in your house and what does your trunk space look like for transporting? These are really crucial things to consider because if your stroller is impossibly tough to get in and out you probably won’t ever use it.

Check with your Doctor-
How old does your baby actually need to be to head out on a run with you? It’s a highly disputed topic with recommendations of your baby being anything from 4-9 months. I think it’s just best to check with your pediatrician as they know your baby best and can recommend the ideal age.

The List

Now that you know what kind of double jogger you’re on the lookout for, check out this list to see the best in the game.

BOB 2016 revolution flex Duallie
It’s pricey, but with that price comes the ease of jogging and maneuvering a pretty awesome stroller. It has plenty of storage, is meant to be comfortable for you to push and for your kids to ride in, and passed all the safety tests with flying colors. added little bonus; it’s also indicated for all terrains making this a great double jogging stroller for mommies who take pleasure in being outside.
Stroller Weight: 33 lbs
Age Range: 8 weeks to 50 lbs per seat

Joovy ScooterX2 double Stroller

This double jogging stroller is pretty much top of the line, and elegant which is a huge plus. It has a ton of storage and zippered in pockets so you won’t lose anything. It also has mesh pocket cup holders inside for your little ones which is rare for joggers (it’s the little things right?). This double joggers only downfall is that it isn’t great for off roading so maybe not the choice for hikers.
Stroller Weight: 32 lbs
Age Range: 3 months to 45 lbs per seat

Baby Jogger summit X3 double Stroller
Baby Jogger is one of my personal favorite brands. We pushed our kids for years in these double strollers. This stroller genuinely does everything well. While a lot of crossover options make you sacrifice in some way, this double jogging stroller does jogging, all-terrain, or mall strolling with no problem. The seats have a bar down the middle giving your kids lots of support. They also recline all the way back to flat with an easy mechanism for big nappers. the best part, folding is a breeze.
Stroller Weight: 35 lbs
Age Range: maximum capacity 100 lbs total

Thule urban Glide Double
This stroller can hold one infant car seat, so it’s a great option for mamas of 2 who just want to purchase one stroller. It’s undoubtedly not indicated for you to jog with the infant car seat, but once your baby is old enough for the regular seat it’s best for a jog or just running errands. mommies also love that the handlebar includes a drum brake.
Stroller Weight: 31 lbs
Age Range: maximum capacity 100 lbs total    



Bumble Indie twin jogging Stroller
This double jogging stroller is well worth the price tag. It’s compact when folded, so you can fit it anywhere it needs to go including small trunk spaces. It’s also incredibly comfy for your kiddos and uses tons of storage space. as for safety, the five-point harness will make you feel comfortable that your babies aren’t going anywhere. Make sure the tires are full and this bad kid is a piece of cake to push around.
Stroller Weight: 36 lbs
Age Range: no age/weight minimum on lowest recline setting to 90 lbs total

Baby Jogger City tiny GT double Stroller
If you’re trying to find a double jogging stroller that fits all your needs, from grocery shopping to off the beaten path hikes, this is the one for you. The wheels are built to last and the handbrake is incredibly user-friendly. A huge bonus is that the seat backs are longer indicating they can accommodate taller kids, so this stroller will last you as long as your kids will even want to sit in it. Did we mention it’s specially built to increase airflow? If you’re in hotter weather this is absolutely something to take into account.
Stroller Weight: 46 lbs
Age Range: maximum capacity 100 lbs total

Baby trend Expedition double Jogger Stroller
This double jogging stroller is a incredibly affordable option coming in ideal around $200. While the materials are a little lower quality and there are reviews of a little wiggle in the wheels, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plus, you can always have someone helpful take a look at a wobbly wheel to tighten it or put a lot more air in.
Stroller Weight: 25 lbs
Age Range: maximum 90 lbs total

Mountain Buggy +One Stroller
This stroller is actually one of the rare tandem double jogging strollers making it best for narrow spaces. It goes from single to double pretty easily, so it’s great for families planning on growing. The back can lay down as a mattress while you’ve still got a newborn and then be converted into the second seat.
Details like weight and age depend on how you configure the stroller.

What is your favorite double jogging Stroller?

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