23 HALLOWEEN costumes FOR BALD babies

Halloween is so fun to dress up the whole family, especially little babies. I had three bald babies and a ton of costume ideas. If your baby is lacking hair, you can execute on one of these very sweet bald baby Halloween costumes (to be fair, Whitney thinks a lot of of these costumes are also cute with hair).

CHARLIE BROWNWe love this easy outfit for a baldie. add the well-known Charlie brown chevron pattern to a yellow top with sticky-backed felt and give your baby a Snoopy doll to hold. We went for extra realism by making a hair curl from the same felt. Don’t want to DIY? We found this Charlie brown onesie on etsy.

Other fictional character creations are:

Mace Windu – add the brown and white robes of a Jedi to a tiny light saber. See a tiny Jedi on Pinterest. Other favorite star Wars costumes here!

Daddy Warbucks – put your baby in a tuxedo shirt or baby company suit and give him an Annie doll to hold. (I hope you can find a more affordable or much more modern doll. Gulp!)

Mr Monopoly – Tuxedo, top hat, mustache, and board game! Not exactly cozy, but a funny photo opp. (See below for costume through Costume-Works)

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc – This comfy onesie and hat make a baby costume of Mike Wazowski.

Lex Luthor – pair a business suit with a plushie Superman doll or some Kryptonite (doubles as a glow stick!).

Minion from Despicable Me. purchase a costume on amazon or use Whitney’s instructions for diy Minion costume.

Dr Evil and tiny Me – ideal for the bald parent and child combo. All you need for the tiny is gray pajamas, easy to find on Primary.com. See this well-executed costume on Pinterest.

Mr. Magoo – My crinkly-faced newborns all resembled Mr. Magoo with no additional costuming. start with black peter pan onesie and leggings. Props include a cane, green coat, and red hat.

Blue Man (as in Blue man Group) – After your dress in head-to-toe blue, this is still very advanced because who wants to paint their baby blue?

BALLSHaving had only skinny babies, I think of these ball costumes work best someone with someone a little rounder, but it doesn’t really matter. An easy and excellent baseball costume can be made from a white onesie with red stitching drawn on (or purchase it for $14 on etsy).

Other balls:

Tennis ball – dress yourself as a tennis player and put baby in a bright yellow bodysuit. (Or purchase this one.)

Bowling ball – use any color bodysuit with three Sharpied circles for finger holes.

Basketball – adorn an orange bodysuit with dark semi-circles, similar to the baseball above. (Plain orange onesie from our affiliate Primary.com.)

Magic 8 ball toy – Tape a pattern of the circle 8 on a black bodysuit. Optional: add answers like “It is decidedly so”.

Disco ball – Who’s got a sequined onesie?

Billiard ball – In my photo here, Sawyer is sporting some jammies with a large number to be the 5-ball. 


FAMOUS BALD PEOPLENot all these references are current; your bambino is unlikely to know any of these men.

Dalai Lama – use wire rim glasses, prayer beads (these baby-safe chewbeads come in chocolate brown) and saffron robes (the photo above is via thefw.com)

Steve jobs – to celebrate iOS7, dress your babe in black turtleneck with an Apple decal and jeans. We love this submission from Nicholle Pendergraft that appeared in our costume Hall of fame a few years back.

Telly Savalas – as Kojak, add a fedora and fake lollipop (nothing chokable)

Mahatma Gandhi – dress baby in wire rim glasses and white robes

Andre Agassi – use sporty clothes and a tennis racket prop

Mike Tyson – boxing gloves with shorts or full boxer robe and {ADVANCED} use hypoallergenic liquid eyeliner for face tattoos [See baby in this costume on Ava7.com]

Please share your ideas for other bald baby Halloween costumes in the comments. I had a gajillion ideas when I was last pushing a cue-ball baby around in a baby carriage, I bet you do, too. Can you help me round out the list?

[Photo credits: Charlie Brown: Rookie Moms; Minion: Minion Nation; Mr Monopoly: Costume-Works; Dalai Lama: Imgur through thefw.com; Steve Jobs: Nicholle Pendergraft; Other photos by Heather Flett all rights reserved]

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