Are the French’s outfits in Emily in Paris accurate?

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I just recently binged  Emily in Paris. As everybody apparently.

It both entertained as well as annoyed me at the exact same time. whatever is SO CLICHE.

Yet fun, I can’t deny!

Anyways, let’s focus on the costumes. Not Emily’s, however the french women in the show.

Is this truly what french women would wear in genuine life?

My french stylist point of view on Sylvie as well as Camille’s outfits in Emily in Paris.


She is a 50 something lady at a head setting in a posh advertising company working with upscale clients in a incredibly fancy neighborhood.

Therefore she is not our typical Parisian which shall be considered when appreciating the truth of her looks however a Parisian with similar lifestyle.

Let’s decipher!

Black pencil skirt, traditional white big cotton shirt, sexy designer’s heels

All timeless french staples with a hint of sexyness. absolutely believable. perhaps except for the height of the heel, however hey that’s fiction, let’s keep some dream component.

Red designer dress… with a matching belt as well as tortoise hoops

Works for me. Red is a traditional color, the shape is designer yet timeless as well as the jewelry accessorizing is generally french.

Leather trench coat, black shirt, graphic pencil skirt, gold earrings as well as white pumps

Timeless colors are Parisian. So is a trench coat as well as some designer aspect like the skirt.

Kaki wrap top, black skirt, beige boots, pendant necklace, burgundy bag as well as designer sunglasses

All traditional shades as well as shapes topped with designer accessories. Parisian indeed.

Designer black gown with a gold brooch as well as silver artsy earrings. 

Again, timeless yet innovative shapes paired with daring jewels is extremely french. This gown is a little over the top for daytime, even by Sylvie’s standards.

Simple short sleeves thin beige jumper, statement belt as well as gold jewelry

Impeccable basics, statement jewels: absolutely french (and absolutely Sylvie).

Little black gown with coordinated brooch as well as cuff

Too dressy for daytime however très french. as well as you get it: impeccable timeless clothes with statement jewelry.

Snake printed blouse, tailored jacket, pencil skirt as well as high heels

Typical style for a night out in a fancy restaurant. Sexy parisian women are keen of animal print they wear in an understated way. look at exactly how Sylvie cuffed her jacket to make it a lot more casual.

Designer gown with a extremely low cleavage

Guessed you went over the top with the cleavage right here Sylvie. Versailles is over.

Silk fuchsia draped blouse as well as plum pencil skirt

Oui! Très bien!

Designer all black jumpsuit for a fancy party

Sexy yet classic. I agree.

Classic shiny coat on a daytime neutral-colored outfit

We love daytime radiate indeed!

Silk printed bodycon dress

Wonderful! French women do wear prints. notice exactly how Sylvie toned down the accessories game with this necklace reminiscent dress? The gown IS the jewel.

Olive eco-friendly evening gown, strappy sandals topped with a beige trench-coat

The shade of the gown is extremely chic as well as that’s normal to top your evening outfit with a daytime trench-coat. Oui to this look!

Sequined top with matchy earrings

I get this outfit as well. Sequins worn in an understated way are a Parisian’s evening staple.

Which popular Parisians does Sylvie dresses like? 

Rachida Dati, a right-wing politician who loves couture

Catherine Deneuve as well as Isabelle Huppert, actresses

The actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu’s own character in the french TV show 10% (on Netflix, I recommend!)


Camille is in her late twenties as well as comes from a bourgeois family.

We generally see her outside of her task (in an art gallery).

Navy blue oversized blazer jacket on large legs cuffed dark blue jeans, a brown fringed bag as well as red santiags

You cross girls ranging from 25 to 55 yo dressed like so every day in Paris.

Fashionable beige plaid mini dress, platform Doc Martens as well as socks

The gown is most likely to much for most Parisian. however eliminate the tulle puff sleeves as well as that’s a normal outfit. The add of chunky Doc Martens that take away some of the the sexiness of the gown is a traditional Parisian move.

At night she throws on an oversize black biker jacket over it which is likewise absolutely normal.

Mom jeans tucked in santiags, matching cut out denim jacket as well as red jumper, captain hat.

I would gown like so on a weekend. So oui. That’s french.

Khaki trench coat as well as big leather beret

We DO wear beret eventually. Yet this one is as well big. Camille, I can see Patricia field is behind all this.Oversized victorian flounced pussy-bow white shirt, cropped black jacket, wide-legged dark blue jeans, designer bag, as well as designer shoes

I absolutely LOVE this outfit. Yet you would see no woman wearing this except at a fashion show. however hey, all the french DNA is right here as well as I’d attempt it if I had these designer clothes. So that’s a oui too.

Which popular Parisian does Camille dresses like

The rock chick outfits feel like what Caroline de Maigret or Lou Doillon would wear


Camille’s mom

Burgundy dress, brown belt as well as gold necklace

Everything classic, whatever chic, nothing as well loud… That’s exactly how a conventional posh mommy who owns a chateau would dress.

Pierre Cadault’s assistant

White shirt, carrot leather pants, brown belt, statement costume necklace

Basic pieces topped with loud accessories plus burgundy lips as well as nails is a traditional look

Head of a rival agency

Statement accessories on timeless canvas with strong lips

Again! This necklace seems a bit dated on this young lady though, yet she feels bourgeois so that’s not absurd.

The daytime jumpsuit as well as statement belt, oui. The incredibly high heels on pavements? Never!!!

Non-french speaking coworker Patricia

Striped tight jacket, statement clip-on earrings as well as glasses

Patricia is meant to be a true “ringarde” (which is french slang for “old-fashioned” instead of “basic as said in the show)… as well as she dresses like one. I believe it.

Antoine’s wife

Little black gown with statement necklace as well as earrings

You get it, right? Pay interest to her hair which is arranged in a extremely French manner

Graphic coat with gold as well as chandelier earrings

I would not be shocked to run in ladies dressed like this in Paris

The french teacher

Beige jumpsuit, brown statement belt, gold earrings

The instructor is stylish in a daytime “normal person” way which makes sense. notice her hair which are the exact same as the former… in a messy method which is normal here.

I wear my hair like this all the time.

Camille’s brother

Prince of wales jacket as well as mustard turtleneck

The only man’s look I noticed in the show. might absolutely see a posh person dressed like so.


If you want inspiration to gown like a Parisian, the show is surprisingly good!

But not as great as my books gown like a Parisian as well as Why French Women wear vintage

Bises de Paris


Cover: that time when Emily as well as Sylvie gown alike in the last episode

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