MOVING clothes

Moving clothes

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” The street about me roared with a deafening sound.
Tall, slender, in heavy mourning, majestic grief,
A lady passed, with a glittering hand
Raising, swinging the hem as well as flounces of her skirt;”

How might I much better explain the fascination that garments in motion produce than by copying those verses of Baudelaire?
I might hear the sounds of the streets muffling whilst being replaced by those of the fabrics as well as bracelets of that astonishing passerby.

Clothes go along with every single motion we do. We can opt for skintight attire, elastic, underlining the the body without being noticed. Or stiffer, corseting the figure as well as the walk.

Then, not a cloth moves.

Yet if you were fluid clothes, they surround you with a moving halo. sometimes somewhat sensual, sometimes truly spectacular.

Which is why I commonly suggest my clients to walk with a firm step around the shop in order to observe the impact of the moving cloth on her allure.

1/ The flowing clothes

The speed of the walk commonly causes clothes to take off.

Gravity defiant trenches as well as light skirts are like a train to our look.

When it is not about the wind that blows off our skirts like Marylin’s.

The flying coat

To sail, it shall have some wings.

Long trenches, wools coats or silky kimonos do.

For even more style, treat your lining.

Dresses as well as skirts

Above the knee they can spin like in elementary institution or fly around your legs.

Beyond the knee, heavy fabrics bring you back to that time when walking was no simple task for women whereas light ones make you feel like a flowy fairy.


Silk satin

Light mousselines, frilly flounces, twenties fringes or refined pleats are you best allies for a walk that might fascinate a poet(ress) sufficient to compose about you.

2/ Sliding clothes


Whether of light cotton, silk or knitted wool, tops, if not meant to be tight or structured are supposed to flow on our bodies.

Optimally they should not grip to them. Beware of the T-shirts that cling to your love handles, of the shirts that pull around your breasts or of the sweaters that stretch on your biceps.

Taking that in account may make buying a harder task (I must acknowledge, even more challenging for the muscular or overweights ladies here) yet it is worth the time as well as effort. You will then own clothes that sensually flow on your body. (I can assist you with buying if you see Paris)

Once you have lastly discovered your perfect matches, make the best out of their flowy materials.

Roll the sleeves.

Tuck your tops all around of just in front, french style.

Belt them as well as make them fluff around.

Open as many buttons as you want/ can.

Let them slide by mishap on your shoulders (planned mishap ^^).

Let them be as well as online move along with you!

Paco Rabanne style metal cloth is truly bouncy. 


Frenchies fav accessories can either be as strict as those of Air France stewardesses or hang in a nonchalant way creating a moving flowyness.

If it is long as well as thin (at least thinner than it is long), you can let the two bits hang on the sides (or one in front, one in the back).

Here a bit overdone (I like it though!) however you get the idea. style du monde.

Folded in a triangle, the square scarf flows upon our coats

The oversize scarf turns into a cocoon.

Maja Wyh

3/ The accessory that won’t stay put

Bracelets as well as earrings

In the last book I read, “Leurs enfants après eux”, Nicolas Mathieu describes a character by the noise as well as motion her bangles make.

“A chaque fois qu’elle portait la cigarette à ses lèvres, les joncs en or qu’elle avait au poignet cliquetaient joliment”. “Each time she would lift the cigarette to her lips, the gold bangles around her wrist jangled daintily”

I adore the concept to be bonded to a sparkle of light as well as noise (maybe that might ended up being a sparkle of joy? A great reason not to Mari Kondo yourself. shall advertise this to prospective boyfriends. Hope they like sparkles of all kinds).

You can produce it with delicate bangles or earrings.

 The light belt

Which sometimes takes off.

Moving clothes are moving souls <3 If this article raised some personal memories, please share in the comment section! Category: Blog · Tags:

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