Today’s challenge, your thirtieth on the listing of Rookie mothers challenges, is to find a family-friendly pub in your area as well as test it out.

You don’t have to jeopardize on atmosphere each time you go out for dinner with your baby. You want a beer after work (or after costs the day alone together), as well as your infant wishes to bang spoons on the table. No problem.

Bars that serve food likewise service babies. numerous of them have noise levels that will allow your household to blend best in. So don’t be afraid: go to a sports bar or an Irish pub. pull up a high chair as well as get rowdy with the rest of the crowd.

In our part of the Bay Area, family-friendly brew pubs are all over, as well as we like it!

Excerpted from The Rookie Mom’s Handbook. Photo from Greg Neate through flickr.

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